Attend Graduate Symposiums


Distinguished Guest Speakers – World renowned scientists, engineers and mathematicians are invited to speak and interact with our members at the national conference. Most of these professionals are Nobel Laureates and pioneering African American scientists and inventors. These individuals often share candidly with our members their own personal stories of hard work and success in the field of science – as well as offering insight and background on the latest scientific research.

Discussion Groups – Various types and sizes of groups are gathered together throughout the year to discuss a wide-range of science-related issues

Networking Opportunities – Students, faculty, invited speakers and working professionals routinely gather together for face-to-face meetings and mentoring opportunities.

Professional Training Opportunities – Our student members often work on projects in research laboratories under the direction of researchers at universities, governmental agencies and in private industry.

Adopt-a-School Program – A local high school is selected in the host city of our national conference and NIS members serve as science fair judges and guest speakers at that school. Our members work with students to design and implement science fair projects and organize programs to assist the school in promoting science awareness.