75th Joint Annual Meeting of the NIS/BKX

Nature or Nurture:Influences of Heridity and the Environment

The upcoming meeting will be our 75th and we are very pleased to announce that our next year meeting in 2018 will be held on March 21-24,2018 at the Colony South Hotel, Clinton, Maryland and hosted by the University of the District of Columbia.

Conference Announcements

Student Abstracts

Registration Fees

  • Early Registration:Deadline Date:  January 31,2018
Category Fees
Students $250
Faculty/Non-Student $300
  • After Early Registration:Deadline Date:  January 31,2018
Category Fees
Students $275
Faculty/Non-Student $325

Hotel Information

The nearest airport to this hotel is DC Reagan(Washington National Airport).There will be no shuttle service from airport to hotel provided by NIS or meeting committee or hotel.

  • The NIS Organization will pay the hotel lodging fees for 90 students(45 rooms).These rooms will be for student presenters whose abstract were submitted by the January 15 deadline and have been approved for presentation.The NIS will only pay the lodging, NOT FOOD, for these students.
  • Use the student Hotel Lodging Travel Award form to request lodging.
  • Rooms will be on a first come, first served, basis.



Notable guest speakers in the past have included:

Dr. Peter C. Agre who shared the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2003 with physiologist Dr. Bill Guggino for revealing the molecular basis for the movement of water into and out of cells. His 1992 paper in the journal Science documented the discovery of the first water-channel protein called aquaporin which facilitates the movement of water molecules into and out of cells through the cell membrane.

Dr. George Carruthers who is best known for his work focusing on ultraviolet observations of the earth’s upper atmosphere and of astronomical phenomena. He developed the first moon-based space observatory, an ultraviolet camera that was carried to the moon by Apollo 16 astronauts in 1972.

Dr. Mark Dean holds more than 20 US Patents, including three of IBM’s original nine PC (personal computer) patents. Dr. Dean led the team that built a gigahertz (1000 MHz) chip which did a billion calculations per second. He also developed the interior architecture (ISA systems bus) that enables multiple devices, like modem and printer, to be connected to personal computers. He is an inductee into the National Inventor’s Hall of Fame.

Dr. Aprille Joy Ericsson an aerospace engineer at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. As an expert in the structural dynamics and controls of spacecraft missions, Dr. Ericsson’s primary job as an attitude control systems analyst is to design, analyze and maintain the spacecraft’s stability, orientation and position during all phases of a mission. Dr. John Bennett Fenn who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2002 for his work in mass spectrometry.

Dr. James Hildreth who is chief of the Division of Research at the National Center on Minority Health and Health Disparities for the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Hildreth has conducted pioneering medical research in the area of AIDS and HIV infection.

Dr. Arlie Petters who is President and Founder of the Petters Research Institute and is Professor of Mathematics and Physics at Duke University. Dr. Petters was the first to develop the mathematical theory on gravitational lensing and has pioneered applications of gravitational lensing in physics, predicting effects that probe the nature of spacetime around black holes.